Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"You weren't born that way, you just had demon sex"

Apparently some Christians still haven't got the message that being gay is a natural, inherited biological trait. According to the Christian mag Charisma, the quickest way to being gay is get raped by a sexual demon.

I'm not kidding, it actually says "sexual demon."

Painting of a Succubus
As any fan of Lost Girl can tell you, the most common sex demons are succubi (a female demon who assaults mostly men) and incubi (a male demon who assaults mostly women). According to Contessa Adams, a former stripper and demon rape survivor turned evangelist, they come at you when you're sleeping.
"These spiritual rapists, as Adams describes them in her book, Consequences, often prey on people by performing sexual acts through nightmares and erotic dreams."
Either that or people just have nightmares and erotic dreams...
"Some people become so dependent upon these demonic experiences that they actually look forward to them. 'Anybody that has been attacked by them will tell you ... they're worried [that] they could not find that pleasure with mortal people,' says Adams, who claims she was once possessed by sexual demons."
So the dreams are so good that you'd rather sleep alone? Wow, sign me up for a sex demon! But apparently there's a terrible side effect of demon possession.
"Sometimes they also lure people into homosexual behavior. Adams says the succubus spirit that used to attack her confused her so much that she contemplated becoming a lesbian."
Apparently, if you have erotic dreams about someone of the same sex and are turned on by it you aren't a lesbian; you're just contemplating becoming one. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that if you are turned on by someone of the same sex, then you're already gay.


So say I have been beset by a sex demon, how to I get rid of all this amazing sexual pleasure?
"The Holy Spirit has to reprogram you. If you're not programmed for obedience, it's hard to do so," she teaches. "Once you come out of that world, you're learning what you can do and what you cannot do. With the Holy Spirit, if [you] go to touch that fire, He will quicken you and tell you, 'No.'"
Adams also notes that disobedience also produces fear, which is another tool Satan uses.
So you can choose to be "reprogrammed" to be unquestioningly obedient to someone who is watching your every sexual thought and be terrified of disobeying him, or keep the amazing lucid sex dreams.  Hmm decisions decisions. 

Overall though, the theme throughout the article is that having any interest in sex whatsoever is evil, literally demonic, and akin to torture. Sex is an awful dirty dangerous thing and you should save it for the person (of the opposite sex obviously) that you love. 

Why do I care what these people believe? Because I wasn't far off myself. 

Now I wasn't brought up with demons, but Satan certainly was a mainstay of my religion.  The devil was out to tempt you in all sorts of ways and having sex, thinking about sex, or even masturbating was Satan's way to get a hold of you. Since all of those things are statistically nearly impossible to avoid, you are guaranteed to feel guilty about some of it. That sort of repression is not something you get past overnight, and in many ways  I'm still fighting it daily.

Maybe someday I'll tell that story, but not feeling it right now.

(Via AlterNet)

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