Friday, March 1, 2013

Mixed Messages

I don't have time for a full debrief of the Veritas Forum discussion with Ian Hutchinson, but I just wanted to upload these pictures.

Hutchinson was pushed on the evolution question and actually conceded the point of common ancestry while using deflationary language about the explanatory scope of evolution. This was not a surprise, since he is a theistic evolutionist.

But at the doors on the way out, these little books entitled "Why Genesis Matters" by Jason Lisle were being handed out for free.

This is a propaganda book from none other than the Institute for Creation Research. Here is just a sampling of the book's contents.

I am royally pissed about this, in no small part because our secular group co-sponsored this event. 

Reportedly, Veritas had no prior knowledge of this and it was an independent group coming in to distribute the materials. I still don't understand how they were allowed to set up a table at the door inside the venue and I remain irritated that anti-science nonsense was distributed at an otherwise reasonable event.

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