Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The 10 Most Dangerous Religious Right Organizations in America

Just came across a great Alternet article that lists the 10 most dangerous and influential religious right organizations in America, along with their budgets and goals.  Here's the summary list.

1. Jerry Falwell Ministries/ ­Liberty University/Liberty Counsel

Revenue: $522,784,095

2. Pat Robertson Empire

Revenue: $434,971,231

3. Focus on the Family (includes its 501(c)(4) political affiliate CitizenLink)

Revenue: $104,463,950

4. Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund)

Revenue: $35,145,644

5. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Lobbying Expenditures: $26,662,111

6. American Family Association

Revenue: $17,955,438

7. Family Research Council

Revenue: $14,840,036 (includes 501­(c)(4) affiliate FRC Action)

8. Concerned Women for America

Revenue: $10,352,628 (includes 501­(c)­(4) affiliate CWA Legislative Action Committee)

9. Faith & Freedom Coalition

Revenue: $5,494,640

10. Council for National Policy

Revenue: $1,976,747

Read more at the original article.Link

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