Friday, July 5, 2013

It's a Mad World

Yesterday was the 4th of July, a holiday during which we celebrate an act of treason to the King of England telling him they were fed up with a long list of governmental overreaches he had inflicted upon the colonies. And how do we celebrate such a holiday? By doing what we do best: blow stuff up.

But through the whole day, while people all around donned red and white striped tops, flag pins, and other American themed apparel, I sank into my chair as I took the holiday as a chance to catch up on national and international news. By the time fireworks began to fly into the low hanging clouds and disappear over the Pacific, I had lost all impetus for celebration.

I used to think that "godless America hating lefties" were a myth created by Fox News to scare old people out of their retirement savings, but now I fear I have become one of them. If America is, as supposed, the sum of our founding documents and constitutional principles, then I have very few grievances to levy against her. However, if we instead define America as the sum of actions taken in her name by her people, I find so much more objectionable material.

So, in deference to the Declaration we nearly deify this week, I want to air my list of grievances.

Belief in Evolution by country. We're the one right above Turkey.
Another chart to drive home how odd we are

All of this also goes to another grievance: our debates are over facts not opinions. Instead of discussing differences in theory of governance or opinion on policy, we spend a vast portion of our public discourse disputing reality.

I could go on and on and on but I can't take writing this diatribe any longer.

Still, I feel I can't leave my computer without reminding myself that being able to write this post without any fear of reprisal from my government means that perhaps my country isn't that bad after all.

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