Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jon Stewart Calls God out on Priorities

Yesterday on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart asked God to meet him at camera 3 for a little heart-to-heart on the middle east.  After apologizing for not praying much and copious amounts of masturbation, Jon casually asked God: "Where have you been?"  In case you've been living in a bubble, the Gaza Strip has erupted in violence as hundreds of rockets and bombs have been launched.

Hopefully the recent cease-fire will hold, but it does beg the question; why is there so much violence taking place on God's watch in his own back yard?
"Look, I'm not asking you to solve the problem, although...obviously you could...easily, and it seems a little strange that you haven't...I know you don't want to intervene in every earthly disaster...but this is your house!  Whichever version of you is the correct one, they are fucking up YOUR shit!"-Jon Stewart to God
And what has God been doing instead of cleaning up his own house?  He claims he was helping Notre Dame get to the BCS national-championship game, which admittedly a pretty impressive feat.

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