Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voter Suppression-It's not just Voter ID

Ohio and Florida have early voting on weekends, which allow people who work 9-5 jobs on election day to vote at their convenience.

But this year, it is anything but convenient.  The Republican governors of the states have restricted early voting hours, resulting in lines that stretch around the block.  People have been reporting waiting in line for 8 hours to vote.

Instead of 5 weekends in a row of early voting in Ohio, it's been cut down to just 1.  Why would the Republicans in charge of election rules make this change knowing that lines would result?  Because the lines are the point.  People who are likely to vote democratic are the people who are likely to use early voting, and anything that discourages people from voting can influence an election.

The Romney campaign has sent "poll-watchers" in Pennsylvania to precincts that are overwhelmingly African-American.

We've been hearing so much about voter fraud from the proponents of Voter ID, so why aren't they highlighting this much much larger problem of systematic voter suppression?  Because they are the ones suppressing the voters.

If you are in MN, I urge you to vote NO twice.

Watch this report for more on this story.

(Via The Young Turks)

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