Thursday, January 17, 2013

Redeemed in New York

Back when I was a Christian my best friend and I were very in to a New York megachurch pastor named Tim Keller. He's the author most famously of The Reason For God which I still hold to be one of the more thought provoking (if not convincing) apologetic works in existence.

I became an atheist a couple years ago now about the same time that my best friend did a summer long training camp with the Navigators and redoubled his faith. We've had a couple interesting conversations since then but haven't seen each other much.

But this weekend we're getting together in New York with his fiance and another friend from high school and as part of the trip he suggested that we go to Redeemer Presbyterian Church for Sunday service. Not exactly the first thing on my mind during my first day in New York, but it should be a very interesting experience.

Apparently Keller rotates which service he leads, so hopefully we'll get to see the man himself.  I'm strangely looking forward to the experience.

I'll be sure to share my experiences afterwards. Maybe I'll even take notes.

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