Sunday, November 17, 2013

15+15 Things You Shouldn't Say To an Atheist

After having lots of conversations about religion, particularly with Christians, certain unfortunate trends have started to emerge. I started thinking there should be an atheism FAQ that should be required prior reading for anyone entering into conversation with an atheist.

While not strictly an FAQ, Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist) has posted two videos along those lines.

Part 1 is a generic list of "15 things to NEVER say to an atheist."

For your convenience, I've compiled a text version of the list:

  1. Where do you get your morality from?
  2. Do you not believe in anything? Your life must be so EMPTY!
  3. Why are you MAD at GOD!?
  4. You can't prove God DOESN'T exist.
  5. What if you're WRONG?
  6. You just have to have FAITH!
  7. Just OPEN your HEART to God.
  8. You were never REALLY religious. (aka You were never a true Christian!) This one's a personal pet peeve of mine.
  9. What happened in your CHILDHOOD to make you an atheist?
  10. Have you read the BIBLE?
  11. I'll PRAY for you.
  12. Do you worship the DEVIL?
  13. You aren't really an ATHEIST, you must be an AGNOSTIC.
  14. Isn't atheism a RELIGION?
  15. Why are you so ANGRY?

Part 2 is specifically for a Christian audience: "15 Things Christians Say to Atheists (And Shouldn't)"

Text version:

  1. You don't believe in God because you just want to SIN!
  2. You're an Atheist? You don't ACT like an Atheist.
  3. When you are SUFFERING, you will call out to God!
  4. [Atheism] is just a PHASE you're going through!
  5. I don't have enough FAITH to be an Atheist!
  6. Have you heard about JESUS? 
  7. Where will you go when you DIE?
  8. So we all came from MONKEYS?
  9. Isn't evolution just a THEORY?
  10. But where did the UNIVERSE come from?
  11. Where did the MOUNTAINS[/ANIMALS/ANYTHING ELSE] come from?
  12. A lot of SMART PEOPLE are Christians.
  13. Why do you only PICK ON CHRISTIANS?
  14. But what will you teach your CHILDREN?
  15. Do you eat BABIES?

I didn't include any of the answers to these comments here because the videos have pretty good responses already. If you are even thinking about asking me these questions, watch the videos first. It will be 10 minutes  now that will save us both a lot of pain and suffering later.

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