Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update on Penn Secular Society Banners

Just a quick update on the Penn Secular Society banner situation.

After collecting feedback from many of our members and some outside influences, we put together this banner for the week. I think it's a significant improvement in several respects.

First, it contains three quotes about the importance of diverse opinions from secular and religious thinkers alike. It simultaneously responds to our vandals and detractors while sending a positive message about freethought.

Second, it contains the info about our next meeting time front and center (though I wish it were a different color).

Finally, it includes a "statement of intent" which spells out the intended message of the banner more explicitly.

Thus far there has been only positive response to the banner. Everyone I've talked to has seen it as an improvement.

Also, our president Seth just published his editorial in response to Noah's last week. Check it out.

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